HIT Energy Services Winter 2022 Newsletter

Are you benefitting from all our services?

We continue to offer more and more services to allow our customers to make the most out of your Solar PV.

These range from health checks, to repowering work at sites, maintenance and building new or extending existing systems.

We can also help you to export excess solar power you don’t use at the best possible rate. 

To discuss any of these services, or any other solar queries, get in touch with one of the team.

Generating at full capacity

Your Solar PV may be generating power for you – but could it be generating a lot more? 

We continue to innovate and help our customers make the most out of their systems through our HIT Energy Guard

After this has been installed for you and identified production issues, we have repowered and helped customers achieve their kWp at more than 150 sites. 

Investing in the future

Solar is the energy of the future – and that is as clear now as it has been at any other time. Not only is it a natural source, it is also reliable. 

We may not see as much of the sun at this time of year, but with the cost of energy rising, solar provides a clean, green and affordable option in the long run. 

While having a system installed is an investment in the future, we have invested too by taking on new team members and apprentices to help us give the best possible service to all our customers. 

Who has joined the team?

Lewi Padden-Rose

Apprentice Electrician

Really interested in Solar Energy and like the idea of benefiting the environment.

Nicolle Jackson


I previously worked for the company 2015-2018 when I first moved to Lincoln. I have since moved back down to Cambridgeshire and happy to have re-joined HIT in October this year doing admin. When I’m not working or looking after my 1-year-old baby boy, Bertie, I enjoy bottomless brunches with the girls and going to concerts, I’m a big Harry Styles fan and will be seeing him 3 times next year.

Matt Kent


I’m 28 live in Stickney with fiancé got a baby due in January,  been a qualified spark for 8 months and did my 4 year apprenticeship before that. Before that I was a chef for a few years so my hobbies include cooking especially outdoors on barbecues, love a pint or two of larger and cider, I support Lincoln City enjoy my sports and my favourite hobbies in the winter is clay shooting and being outdoors.

From clients to great friends

It’s been another crazily busy year and our feet have hardly touched the ground as the business continues to grow. 

We have installed or repowered sites producing over a megawatt of energy in total with our award-winning solar pv monitoring platform. 

With the hike in energy sale prices, it makes sense for system owners to upgrade or extend their solar generation systems. 

One of our key policies is that we always invest in our team, as without it we have no business – this ranges from additional training, to plant and materials, or taking on more apprentices to learn with our guys to become good, solid engineers. 

Everything is glued together though by our ladies (including my wife Becki too), for working hard to give an amazing customer service and being on hand all the time to assist in any way they can. 

And of course we are also extremely grateful for the wonderful relationships we have built with our amazing clients, many of whom have become great friends. 

We feel fortunate to work with you and are always happy to go the extra mile to make sure systems are giving you the maximum possible returns. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – we look forward to the HIT Energy Services family looking after your family in 2023, and for many years to come. 


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