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Monitoring and optimisation of your Solar PV Plant

Have you protected your most valuable asset?

Put simply, Solar PV is aimed at generating free, clean, green energy – but because of age, poor maintenance and installation, systems most systems are under performing and losing businesses thousands of ££’s in lost production a month. 

Here at HIT Energy Services, we have developed a state-of-the-art solar monitoring technology ensuring that any lost production is kept to a minimum, any defects are highlighted and dealt with immediately. 

This means that revenues that you hope to achieve by having a solar installation are maximised. 

How do you know that your solar installation is operating at 100% efficiency and maximising your revenue?  

We offer a Solar Health Check of your solar installation, if you are interested please click here to find out more. 


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Solar PV Health Check

Solar health check, with our experienced engineers ready to get your Solar PV system
quickly back up to speed.