Solar PV Maintenance

Resolve Issues Quickly with Solar PV Maintenance

Maintenance of a solar PV system is essential to ensure that it continues to perform effectively for years to come after installation. By not investing in maintenance, you could miss out on thousands of pounds every month which hurts your return on investment.

Using our Solar PV Monitoring System, HIT Energy Guard, we can quickly identify issues causing potential production loss and dispatch a team of engineers with the right tools to solve the problem and maximise your profits.


Proper Upkeep for Long-Lasting Performance

Commercial solar panels typically function for around 20 to 25 years, but with proper upkeep from an experienced team of engineers, they can last even longer at optimal performance. It only takes one panel to get cracked or broken to cause massive problems, including:

  • Less or no electricity
  • Broken generation meter
  • Weak electrical connections
  • Isolator problems

These all lead to less revenue – is it worth taking the chance and losing loads of money?

To ensure your solar installation is performing at its best, HIT Energy can help you maintain the highest performance so you can maximise your return on investment. We’re an award-winning Solar PV Maintenance Company which has managed some of the largest solar PV generation sites throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.