Our Company

A little bit about us… 

HIT Energy Services was started by Simon Hopkins with the aim to help Solar PV owners gain the most out of their investments.  

Simon left school 2001 to begin an apprenticeship as an electrical engineer, this was served on many RAF bases around the country with a heavy communication influence.  

Always ambitious, he set his own company up in 2007 focussing on general electrical installation, after 2 years he had 3 staff and after 8 years the business employed multiple staff.   

At this point, ‘the calling’ from Solar PV began – The company won its first maintenance project, the first over 1 MW solar farm in 2011 this was in the infancy of Solar PV rollout within the UK and the site required intense maintenance both power generation side and communication to keep peak generation. 

With this experience and knowledge this quickly saw the team become the go to team to connect some of the largest solar PV generation sites in UK and Northern Ireland. 

During this time private asset owners such as farmers were contacting the company to assist with failing Solar PV sites and with little to no one to turn to for assistance – this became more and more of an issue loss generation = lost revenues. 

The story goes – the team were winding down from a hard week over a game of pool and the topic was ‘How can we use our knowledge to help these failing systems?’. 

Extensive research began to look for an off the shelf solution to remote monitor commercial solar PV sites with the technical capabilities and abilities to integrate with third party management tools the engineers required – Nothing fitted. 

A systems programmer was soon commissioned to begin to build the first BETA version of a platform that could monitor details the engineers required along with third party integration and using these tools to assist engineers in remotely diagnosing issues limiting down time and site time. 

This is the platform we now call HIT Energy Guard – It took several versions, several years of intense research and development to achieve the robust and trusted asset management tool it is today.  

In 2019 the company won its first Innovation Award for HIT Energy Guard and we have been winning these and other business-related awards ever since for our product and services including being ranked in the top 10 for EnviroTech in the UK and online innovation at the agricultural show LAMMA held at the NEC.  

Our team and support staff have grown over the years as we keep the nation solar powered however our core values have stayed the same – we are passionate about keeping our customers renewable lights on with our personal customer service and reputation.