Solar PV Monitoring

Monitor Your Solar PV System Effectively

Just like most people need a check-up from their doctor from time to time, so does your Solar PV system need a check-up to ensure its working at 100% efficiency and delivering the power and benefits you installed it to deliver. Our HIT Energy Guard solar monitoring technology is the most up to date and cost-effective way of ensuring that this happens. 

What is HIT Energy Guard?

HIT Energy Guard is an intelligent automated diagnostic tool which identifies any issues causing potential solar energy production loss. It offers award winning performance calculations advising how an installation is performing. 

Our HIT Energy Guard System is a multi-award winning, state of the art, totally in house designed and built solar efficiency performance measuring and communication tool.  

We monitor and manage more than 150 solar installations in the UK already, generating more than 15 MW of clean energy in the UK, that’s over 85,000 panels with around 3,500 joining our network each week. 

Solar installations fitted with HIT Energy Guard assists our team to monitor your installation 24/7 and if there is an issue then our engineers can be dispatched quickly with the right tools to solve the problem and ensure any production lost or down time is kept to a minimum, therefore protecting your investment. 

Interested in a health check on your installation or eager to learn more about our solar pv monitoring? Get in touch with us today.