The affordable Solar PV monitoring platform from £1.00 a day*

Protecting Your Solar PV Investment

HIT Energy Guard is an affordable bespoke monitoring platform offered to solar PV plant owners which has been designed to observe the performance of your solar panels remotely, on a real time basis.
Our automated system ensures proper functioning at all times and maximises the return on your investment.


It is a monitoring system that is attached to the inverters of Solar PV and using its own internet supply, it produces reports every ten minutes that are uploaded to our server. 

Through our new Vision Pro panel we are able to work out how much energy the panels should be producing each hour throughout the day. 

The inverters alert us to any inefficiencies that may cause slight or complete production loss.

The real benefit is that it is like having a qualified solar engineer watching over your plant at all times. 

If the HIT Energy Guard does identify issues, we are then able to rectify the problem quickly, meaning it is quickly back up to speed generating energy. 

This gives affordable Solar PV monitoring from £1.00 a day*

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