Solar Panels For Holiday Parks

Holiday parks powered by the sun

When you think of essentials for a great holiday at a caravan site or holiday park, top of the list may be the sun. 

Through installing Solar PV, it could play an even bigger role – and ensure all visitors and guests have enough energy to power their getaway at all times. 

Why Solar?
Set in vast areas of green space and roof tops, often near the coast, Solar is the obvious choice to keep holiday parks, caravan and camping sites powered. 

While visitors enjoy the rays, their energy can also be stored to provide them with all the energy they need. 

It is a green, renewable source that helps the site do its bit to combat climate change. 

Also, at a time of great volatility in the energy market and price rises, it provides a secure, reliable free source. 


What do we do?
HIT Energy Services is based in Lincolnshire but has a network of engineers that service the whole of the UK. 

We are able to install Solar PV at any site in the country. 

But our input doesn’t end there – we want to ensure it generates at its full potential at all times for you. 

Using our unique, multi award-winning HIT Energy Guard, we can monitor the system at all times. 

If production ever drops, we are alerted and can send an engineer to fix any issue straight away. 

We can ensure the system generates as much energy as possible that can power the site and any other operations. 

We can also help you sell any excess energy that you may not need at a competitive price. 

How does it work?
We will install a Solar PV system and panels in convenient locations throughout the park. 

These will be able to power the park throughout the day and also store enough energy to be used in the evening. 

Through our innovations, we will be able to maintain and monitor the system at all times and ensure it’s always generating to its full potential. 

Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services said: “When you think of trips to caravan sites and holiday parks, getting away from life and enjoying the sun are key parts of the experience. 

“It therefore makes sense for Solar to power the fun experiences at these places. 

“Usually in stunning, beautiful locations on our coast and in our countryside, harnessing green energy would fit into the environment-conscious ethos of these parks as well.”