Will greener lives be one positive to come from coronavirus?

Solar power can play an even bigger part in our post-lockdown future?

There have been many awful consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, such as the loss of life, our livelihoods and freedoms.

But maybe the one small positive about lockdown has been how it has reduced, for a short time, the massive impact we have on the planet and its resources.

Air pollution in cities around the U.K. has dropped by 40% because less people have been driving in them, according to researchers at the University of York.

Cars on motorways have also dropped by about 75%, with vehicle numbers on the road at levels not seen since the 1950s.

C02 emissions:

Overall, the amount of C02 emissions the U.K. has produced since lockdown has also decreased by 36% according to leading consultancy Sia Partners.

This has been in large part because sectors such as transport, power generation and manufacturing have been wound down temporarily.

As the earth takes a breather from our impact, maybe this is also a chance to re-evaluate how we all live and work in the future.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all started living greener lives?

Working from home:

Many people will be working from home for a start, which could create rethinks that will have major implications for our impact on the planet.

If this became permanent, it would mean less cars on the road long-term as there would be no commute to the office.

But it would also mean some businesses considering if they need premises as big if their workforce is no longer there as often, or whether they need to spend so much on powering it.

Other social enterprises, universities, charities and organisations will also start to think how they can save money and work in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Greener future:

The solution is simple and would reduce carbon emissions further –  generating electricity from the building you already use or own, which could also make energy bills a thing of the past.

At HIT Energy Services, our definition of working from home is starting a green revolution from our Lincolnshire base.

Through pioneering technology we have developed, we are able to install and monitor solar systems anywhere in the U.K.

That could be on industrial estates, fields, barn roofs, office blocks, universities or even on people’s homes.

Solar power:

This means our engineers are always working from home at our headquarters, monitoring Solar PV systems around the country through internet signals.

Our oversight can make sure any installation is generating as much clean, green, solar energy as possible all of the time.

If there is ever a problem, we are always ready to get it quickly back up to speed.

Post-lockdown future:

And as businesses re-evaluate how they work after the coronavirus pandemic ends, we can ensure that this can be a reliable, cheap and consistent way of powering your premises through nature.

The earth and its atmosphere have had a bit of a breather from our impact while we have been under lockdown.

Wouldn’t it be great if one positive that comes from this devastating coronavirus pandemic is we start living greener lives?