Ten reasons to monitor your Solar PV

It’s been producing energy and money for you since you had it installed, so what’s the problem?

You have been making hay while the sun shines from your solar investment and have probably never even thought about giving it a health check.

But here are 10 very good reasons why you should:

Why wouldn’t you?

You get everything else checked – from your teeth at the dentist to your health at the doctor’s, car at the garage and even credit score when you want to buy a house or get a loan.

It’s also important pets and animals are okay, so why wouldn’t you take the same attitude with your Solar PV?

An expensive asset

Many systems cost four figure sums, others tens of thousands of pounds.

That’s the cost of your holiday, a year’s salary or an extension to your house – and you would be careful what you do with those sums of money.

Similarly, you should look after your Solar PV system.

Best source of energy

You’re tapping into the most popular and utilised renewable energy source in the world.

More homes, businesses and institutions are powered by solar than wind, geothermal heat or hydroelectricity. So make the most of your investment.

Better for the environment

By using it to power your home or business or putting it back into the National Grid, you’re reducing reliance on other types of fossil fuels.

This means our carbon footprint is reduced and less harmful Greenhouse Gases are released into the atmosphere.

Be self-sufficient

Estimates vary, but about four solar panels can power a house with one person, 16 for a family of four, and for a business, it will vary depending on the size and demands.

Make sure your investment is working for you rather than relying on other sources.

Rain or shine

If they are functioning properly, they will generate energy in all weather.

However, you can’t beat a sunny day and your system will only produce 25% of this power on a cloudy day and 10% in particularly overcast weather.

The future

Universities in Sussex and Brighton have spent millions installing thousands of panels to take care of their energy needs.

More than a million have also been put on social housing to help with electricity costs across the country.

Make sure you are making the most of solar power too.

It’s costing you

You may not even be aware if it’s still generating, but many systems are operating at less than 100% capacity.

Easily fixable malfunctions could mean your system’s working at 80% or even below 50%.

And this could be costing you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in lost power.

Few skilled experts

Okay, they’re not as easy to find as a dentist or mechanic or doctor.

But the fact that there aren’t many experts around able to give your Solar PV a health check shouldn’t put you off having it done.

In fact, it means when you do find someone with the skills and expertise, you can be more confident they know what they’re doing.

It’s free

The award-winning HIT Energy Services has engineers who are able to visit any site in the U.K. and Ireland.

As well as giving your system a free health check, we are able to monitor it to make sure it keeps generating at full capacity and never underperforms again. Contact Us