Our work to keep the U.K. solar-powered sees us ranked above hundreds of others

Our innovation makes top 10 of tech companies in the midlands.

Not only that – after competing against hundreds of businesses in a process that included a judging stage and a 1,300-strong reader vote, HIT Energy Services has been ranked number seven overall.

This is an incredible achievement for our team, and is recognition of our efforts to help lead the U.K. into a greener, solar-powered future.

The Midlands Tech 50 ranks the most exciting and innovative firms in the region, from start-ups to established players, and is compiled by industry news magazine BusinessCloud.

Exciting recognition

“When we made the shortlist of 100, that was really exciting for us and recognition of how far we have come in such a short time,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services.

“To not only make the top 50 but be ranked as high as seventh was beyond all of our wildest expectations, but a just reward for our small but hard-working team.”

The recognition also illustrates how HIT Energy Services has grown and diversified, as we aim to make solar energy a viable source of power for everyone.

When we started out, we saw a need to help all the farmers, small businesses and landowners who had Solar PV systems installed at huge expense at a time when there were incentives for feeding into the National Grid.

Reliable energy

We wanted to use our experience in the industry to help service and maintain their investments.

That is why we developed our HIT Energy Guard to make sure these system owners never lost money on energy generation again.

But because solar power ticks all the boxes of being green, environmentally friendly and renewable, we began to innovate further and to try to ensure it could be a reliable stream of energy for anyone.

We want people in all walks of life to join us in our mission, as it is perfect for everyone from businesses aiming for self-sufficiency, to environmentally-conscious social enterprises, charities and universities.

It is also a great way for homeowners to generate power and social landlords to provide energy to tenants on tight budgets.

Continually innovating

“We are continuing to innovate with our solar monitoring technology, with more and more businesses joining our network,” Simon added.

“Our recent move into a new base at Lincoln University will allow us to work with its most creative minds and continue to improve what we offer.

“The sky is the limit and we want to make solar power a viable option for everyone. It is really exciting that this ambition has been recognised with seventh place in the Midlands Tech 50.”