New solar monitoring base at Lincoln University 

New remote monitoring room will look after sites that generate enough energy to power thousands of homes

Our plans to make solar energy the green, reliable power of the future take an exciting step forward as we open our new base at Lincoln University.

From the site, we will monitor £16.5m worth of solar assets across the U.K., which are in areas ranging from Great Yarmouth to West Wales and Southampton to Glasgow.

In total, these systems can generate enough energy to power 3,500 houses.

But it represents only the start of our ambition to ensure business and farms keep solar powered.

‘Great opportunity’

“This is a great opportunity for us. Firstly, it will help us monitor more and more solar PV sites around the U.K., ensuring they generate as much energy as possible,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services.

“But it will also give us the chance to work with research teams at the university to further develop our innovations and award-winning platform.”

From our new base, we will monitor sites linked up to our HIT Energy Guard around the U.K. that are owned by businesses, companies and organisations.

It will help save them thousands of pounds by keeping Solar PV systems generating at as close to 100% of their potential at all times.

Remote smart monitoring 

Because of poor installation, age or issues including bad weather, some of the systems linked up had dropped to 80%, 70% or even below 50% of their production capability.

This was losing the owner vast sums over long periods of time, making the technology unreliable and costly.

Our innovation changed all that.

First of all, our experienced engineers give systems a free health check, ensuring they are operating at full capacity and generating as much energy as possible.

Then, through the HIT Energy Guard, our communication panel is attached to each solar PV site remotely allowing us to monitor its performance.

It means if they ever drop below 100% of their potential again, even for a short period, we are instantly aware and can rectify the issue before it becomes a problem.

Green energy 

Simon added: “Our  innovation has already had huge success and saved many farmers and landowners we work with thousands of pounds in energy generation.

“We want to make solar power a reliable source of energy for everyone and our new monitoring base will allow us to reach out to more sites ensuring the most efficient production and return on investment”

The U.K. is no longer using any coal power and renewable sources such as solar will become more and more important.

Solar future 

We are now well placed to further develop our technology, highlighting what an environmentally-friendly source it is for gaining self-sufficiency.

We are excited about how our innovation can play its part in this green, solar revolution and how we can further develop it at our new university base.