Link-up with F&S Energy will see more excess solar power exported

HIT Energy Services has teamed up with one of the leading purchasers of green energy in the U.K. to help businesses make the most of excess solar they produce.

The link-up with Chelmsford-based F&S Energy will see market-leading rates paid for the power businesses, farmers, agricultural firms and landowners do not use.

Set up in 2011 by industry professionals, the company aims to provide a fresh and dynamic approach to helping us all live greener lives.

It does this by paying top rates to those generating renewable power, such as solar, and then selling it to businesses at a rate that beats those offered by traditional suppliers.

“Because of the rise in energy prices, what is produced from solar is more valuable than ever,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services.

“We have been keen to help our clients make the most from what they produce and do not use in their business operations.

“This new partnership is perfect as F&S Energy understands the renewables sector and is as passionate as us about helping people live greener lives.”

F&S Energy managing director Steven Funnell said: “At F&S we have always taken the approach of doing the right thing by our customers and letting our reputation do our marketing for us.

“We see HIT as a perfect match to partner up with and to offer their services to our customers.”

Because of supply issues pushing wholesale prices up by as much as 250%, leading to some suppliers going bust, HIT Energy Services started looking into the issue at the end of last year help some 150 plus customers enrolled onto the HIT Energy Guard platform.

Our engineers have been working with Solar PV owners across the U.K. to see how they can play their part in addressing the situation.

Simon added: “We have been keen for our industry to help out in this time of crisis, while also providing a boost to the sector.

“Farmers are getting up to three times what they used to get for exporting to the National Grid, for example, and there are many ways their excess can be utilised.

“Our link-up with F&S Energy will mean everyone benefits, from the Solar PV owner to the businesses being powered by cheaper, greener energy.”

This is the latest service we are providing, to go alongside our free health checks of Solar PV systems.

When our engineers carry this out, we can give a valuation of export tariffs, and how much the system owner could generate from excess energy.

Through our HIT Energy Guard, we can also monitor performance 24/7, meaning if performance ever drops again, even for a short time, we can fix it – this has saved some owners hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month. Our work has been recognised with a string of accolades – at Lamma 2020, we scooped the online innovation award, while we also beat hundreds of other products to be ranked seventh in the Midlands Tech 50 list.