Lincolnshire Farming Conference

What does the future hold for farmers?

Biodiversity and carbon are two words that most farmers may not have even heard of a few years ago.

Now they have become a constant source of conversation and debate for some. 

They make up the theme of this year’s Lincolnshire Farming Conference.

Its title Future Farming Opportunities: Biodiversity and Farming alludes to the fact that landowners need to become increasingly innovative and look at how their industry is changing in the 21st century. 

Solar is something many have braced, and is a green, environmentally-friendly form of energy that leads to less carbon emissions than other sources.

However, like all technology and processes, it is evolving, and we will be at the show to speak to current friends and colleagues and meet new ones.

Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services said: “The role of the farmer is changing, with direct payments reducing and new markets emerging for them.

“So, the show this year rightly poses the question of what opportunities are out there for farmers?”

It has been an exciting few years for HIT Energy Services, with many new innovations being developed that enable farmers to maximise the performance of their solar technology.

The energy can then be used to power their operations as well as being sold to the National Grid.

Simon added: “There are many other factors that may play a part in the future, such as which political party is in power, and what green targets are put in place.

“Whatever happens, solar is primed to play a central part and we look forward to speaking to as many farmers as possible about how it can help them.”

The Lincolnshire Farming Conference 2024 takes place at the Lincolnshire Showground on Thursday 8 February.