Keeping the UK solar-powered in 2021

It has been a strange start to the year – but we are working as hard as ever to keep the whole of the country solar-powered.

Business development manager Debbie Parker has also now joined us.

She is looking to develop our services in Worcestershire and Bury St Edmunds as we try to reach more and more people who need our services.

“Christmas and New Year were a lot different than usual, but we hope all our customers and clients stayed safe and made the most of the holidays,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services.

“The start of 2021 has also brought changes, with Brexit finally happening and most of the U.K. now in lockdown.

“But our engineers are continuing to work, helping at sites around the U.K. and ensuring they keep generating as much energy as possible.”

We are working with an ever-growing number of clients that include farmers, landowners, businesses, universities and organisations.

Our multi award-winning HIT Energy Guard is helping many save thousands of pounds by ensuring Solar PV systems are generating as close to capacity at all times.

We are also offering a free try-before-you buy trial for commercial systems where we will monitor systems free of charge, so potential customers can see how much they can save.

“There isn’t much sun around at this time of year and it’s freezing cold,” added Simon.

“This could mean people don’t give too much thought to their Solar PV systems.

“But they keep generating all year round, and it could also be a good time to give them a health check and protect them in the poor weather.”

You can get hold of Debbie our new business development manager by emailing her: