HEPP – HIT Energy Power Purchase

Farmers can now use solar energy for their businesses and homes without having to pay a penny for equipment, through our HIT Energy Power Purchase.

Many people would like to live greener lives and generate their electricity through renewable sources – but often there are a number of factors standing in the way.

For many farmers, Solar PV systems represent a huge investment, costing five or in some cases six figure sums.

While the initial outlay can leave many feeling daunted, so can the prospect of moving away from more traditional energy sources that have served their business for generations.

“As the go-to company for Solar PV installation, maintenance and monitoring in the U.K. and Ireland, more and more businesses are joining our network every month, said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services.

“Everyone is more conscious of our effect on the planet and climate change than ever before, and the farming industry is no different.

“While solar ticks all the boxes in providing cheap, green power to businesses in the sector, we realise not all can afford such a large investment or are unsure whether or not it would prove cost effective for them over the long term.

“That is why we have decided to introduce the HIT Energy Power Purchase – essentially, farmers enjoy all the benefits and we will take care of the technical details.”

Through the scheme, our engineers will build a Solar PV system at no capital cost to the farmer or business owner.

We will then sell the power generated at a price that is below market cost per Kw/h, while taking care of everything else including grid connections, maintenance and planning.

Simon added: “Solar is the green energy of the present and future, and we are determined that everyone can benefit from renewables.

“However, we recognise that one size does not fit all, and the HIT Power Purchase is the next step towards offering a plan that suits everyone.”

HIT Energy Services currently monitors Solar PV systems across the U.K. and Ireland that generate enough energy to power 3,500 homes.

More system owners are joining our network every week, with the company earning a string of awards for saving these hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month.

It is now part of the prestigious Midlands Tech 50 list companies, with the HIT Energy Guard monitoring equipment recognised as a leader in the industry.

If you are a farmer, join our solar revolution in whatever way works best for your business. Contact Us