G59 Upgrades – Grant Funding Available

There’s just a few days left to apply for funding to keep you connected to the National Grid and generating revenues from feeding in.

Do you have a Solar PV system installed before February 2018, that generates 50kwp or more?

If so, it could have been fitted with a G59 Relay safety device – the current settings on these have been found to be too sensitive for the National Grid, which causes issues such as loss of generation and problems with the frequency.

All of these must now be upgraded under the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme… but the deadline to apply for funding is 10 August.

With the U.K. ending its reliance on coal and renewables becoming more important, it is vital uninterrupted supplies go to the National Grid, not just for powering the country but for generating revenues for you.

Applying for help

“This funding is available across the U.K. and will basically see the firmware upgraded or G59 device replaced to reduce the number of outages at a generation plant,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services.

“We are currently handling the work at hundreds of sites for large farming buying cooperatives, farming groups and national energy companies.

“The good news is we can take care of everything for you as well… but you only have a few days left to get the help.”

If you think you are affected, get in touch with Simon or one of the team and we will do everything from applying for the funding to carrying out the changes.

Working together, we can keep you connected to the National Grid and the nation solar powered.

Simon Hopkins speaking at Energy Now 2020 briefing about changes coming into effect