Free Solar PV Performance Check!

Have you protected your most valuable asset?

When we talk about health checks, we usually think of our own fitness, maybe of our pet’s, our livestock, or even our car’s after an MOT.

But what about our business’ most valuable asset?

For many farmers and landowners, this is often the Solar PV system installed at a large cost to generate electricity.

Which is why it’s surprising that some have operated in fields and on barn roofs for more than a decade without ever having a health check.

The reason often is that the sun is still shining and the system is still generating energy, so there is no obvious reason to worry.

But some have aged, become weather-worn or suffered malfunctions that have gone unnoticed.

What this means is they are sometimes only generating to 80% of their potential, and others below 50% – with the cost to you, hundreds or thousands of pounds a year.

But there is a simple solution – a free health check (t&c apply), with our experienced engineers ready to get your Solar PV system quickly back up to speed.

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