Free Solar PV health checks at Midlands Machinery Show

If you’re a farmer or landowner, your Solar PV system could be underperforming and losing you thousands and you may not even know about it.

It may have become covered in dust in your field, affected by the weather or have a small issue that is stopping it generating as much renewable energy as it once did.

There are thousands of farmers across the country who paid huge amounts of money for their systems and now it has grown older, or stopped working as effectively, they don’t know who to turn to for help.

From tending to systems across the country, our engineers have developed revolutionary technology that is able to give your Solar PV a quick health check.

By calculating how much energy each panel should be generating, taking into account the performance of others in the system and factors such as time of day, we can quickly pinpoint any that are underperforming.

“It has become a great concern for many farmers and businesses that what was once pioneering technology that generated lots energy is growing old and not working as effectively,” said HIT Energy Services’ Simon Hopkins.

“We have helped people who were losing thousands of pounds a week and didn’t even know about it.

“Another big worry is who to turn to for help when solar technology does start underperforming – we just want people to know we are out there and can help.”

Our revolutionary technology The HIT Energy Guard is able to quickly diagnose any problems and underperformance, by comparing every panel in your system.

It can quickly ascertain which panels are not generating as well as the others, notifying us there is a problem – one that could be costing you hundreds or even thousands in lost revenues.

Once we have highlighted those not performing as well as the others, we can find out what the issue is – these range from something simple  like they are covered in mud to something more serious such as an issue with the wiring.

The good news is, once we have diagnosed the problem, we can use our expertise to quickly get the system back up to full capacity.

And by linking it to our Solar PV monitoring software via it’s own internet signal, we can ensure if your system ever develops a problem again, we can quickly diagnose and treat it.

“Many businesses are operating on tight budgets and every penny counts which us why they need their solar investments generating as much as possible,” Simon added.

“The unique system we have developed is an insurance policy and will give peace of mind that your Solar PV system is bringing in as much renewable energy as possible.”

Our solar experts will be at the Midlands Machinery Show on November 20 and 21, where we will be happy to talk about your solar PV and ensure your investment keeps generating as much solar energy as possible.