Free Solar Panel Monitoring

As a try-before-you-buy trial, we are offering to monitor any commercial size Solar PV site in the U.K. free of charge for three months.

You can call it an early Christmas present from us, but it could highlight issues you didn’t even know existed and save you massive amounts of money not just over the festive period but well into the new year as well.

Our offer extends to anyone with panels – from farmers to landowners, businesses, homeowners, universities and organisations.

To demonstrate the effective of our HIT Energy Guard monitoring technology, we set up a trial, installing it to run alongside another piece of monitoring technology.

It picked up an extensive list of faults that had not been detected before, but had cost the owner more than £1,000 in just a month.

“These ranged from the inverter failing to start in the morning to it working at only half of its potential for much of the time,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services.

“These were issues that the owner would never have been aware of, but would have cost them large sums over time.”

We have won many awards for our innovation and continue to evolve it at our new base at Lincoln University, believing it has the potential to make solar a reliable stream of energy for everyone.

Our free three month trial is aimed at illustrating to as many potential customers as possible how the HIT Energy Guard could benefit them and save them money.

Simon added: “I think a lot of people would be shocked by the exact amount their Solar PV is underperforming when they believe it has been producing fine.

“When you spend so much on panels, you naturally expect them to be generating at full capacity at all times – sadly, that is not the case and people are losing thousands.

“We are offering to rectify this with our free three moth trial – and hopefully start putting some of that lost revenue back into their pockets in time for Christmas.”

For more details on our three month monitoring trial and how we can help keep you solar powered, please get in touch.

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