Feel the solar power this summer as we bounce back from COVID-19

It has been a time of uncertainty, with the coronavirus outbreak changing how we live profoundly and taking away many aspects of life we take for granted.

Simple things like a day trip with the family haven’t been possible and it’s been more difficult to leave our houses or pop quickly to the supermarket.

At times like this, there is a tendency to focus on the things that we can control in our lives, with many people growing their own vegetables because of a concern over shortages at the shops.

Generating our own electricity is another key part of self-sufficiency, with Solar PV a green and easy way to do this.

Simon Hopkins from HIT Energy Services said: “It has been a tough start to the year for most of us, but now as the sun starts shining we can look forward to summer.

“And in doing so, it’s a great time to re-evaluate how we live and look at things such as how we power our homes, businesses or premises.

“Many farmers, businesses and landowners have already joined the solar revolution, but there are many more who could greatly benefit from it.”

HIT Energy Services’ experienced engineers are ready to give free health checks to Solar PV systems already in operation, to make sure they are functioning fully, or chat to anyone considering installing panels.

Simon added: “Solar energy ticks all the boxes – it’s green, it’s renewable and it’s free.

“Whether you’re thinking of using it or already have panels, we can help you generate as much electricity as possible.”