Boston Renewables deal to keep more people solar-powered

HIT Energy Services has teamed up with Boston Renewables, in a move that will help hundreds more people make the most out of solar.
Based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and part of the Bostonair group, our new partner works with some of the biggest companies and organisations in the U.K.

Its aim is to design and install Solar PV systems that produce electricity up to 70% cheaper than grid-supplied power.

Since 2012, the company has installed over 35,000 solar panels that have generated 9,700,000 Kw/h of electricity, saving customers a combined £1.6m.

“Us and Boston Renewables share much in common in terms of wanting to help more and more people enjoy the benefits of solar power,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services.

“With current volatility in the energy market and people looking to live greener lives, we believe the use of renewable sources of energy will grow and grow.

“As two companies with big reaches across the U.K. and also big ambitions, it made sense to work together.”

Through the link-up, Boston Renewables will carry out installations and build extensions of Solar PV systems for the hundreds of customers we currently have.

This work will see their team of experts design and plan further developments to increase the solar-producing potential.

The HIT Energy Services team will then carry out maintenance at the sites operated by Boston Renewables and also monitor the systems through its HIT Energy Guard.

Simon added: “In many ways, our services fit together.

“We can concentrate on monitoring and maintaining sites, while Boston Renewables take on the designing and building work.

“We are confident it will allow more and more people to really tap into the benefits of the sun and save lots of money in the long run.”

Customers of Boston Renewables can enjoy benefits such as a health check to get systems operating at full power.

Through our HIT Energy Guard Monitoring System, we are then able to monitor performance 24/7, meaning if it ever drops again, even for a short time, we can fix it – this has saved some owners hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month.

Simon added: “We believe we have developed a range of services to help any firm make the most out of their Solar PV.

“Other things we offer include repowering sites to get them generating at full capacity again – so we are excited to help many more companies through this link-up.”