Agricultural co-op members join solar revolution 

Members of one of the UK’s biggest agricultural co-ops can now have free health checks on their solar PV systems.

HIT Energy Services has teamed up with Woldlink and is looking forward to saving its members around the country thousands of pounds by maximising the amount of renewable energy they generate.

As part of the Woldmarsh Group, Lincolnshire-based Woldlink’s role is to buy agricultural goods and services at competitive prices.

“We are on a mission to make sure every solar panel in the country is performing at its best and this is the next step in achieving that,” said HIT Energy Services’ Simon Hopkins.

“Unfortunately many farmers or landowners may not even be aware there is a problem.

“Our free health check will tell them if they are losing hundreds or even thousands of pounds.”

Panels may have become covered in muck in a field, affected by the weather or have a small issue that is stopping it generating as much renewable energy as it once did.

Jessica Brown from Woldlink ‘We are looking forward to forge a great relationship with Simon and the team offering our members services to ensure their solar PV is producing to the best of its ability’

Simon added: “There are thousands of farmers across the country who paid huge amounts of money for their systems and now it has grown older, or stopped working as effectively, they don’t know who to turn to for help.

“From tending to systems across the country, our engineers have developed revolutionary technology that is able to give your Solar PV a quick health check.”

It does this by calculating how much energy each panel should be generating, taking into account the performance of others in the system and factors such as time of day, quickly pinpointing any that are underperforming.

After doing this, the company’s engineers are quickly able to get it back up to full speed.

And for peace of mind, HIT Energy Services’ Solar PV monitoring technology means farmers won’t ever lose money on their investment again, with problems identified and resolved before they even become an issue.

Simon said: “We are looking forward to joining up with Woldlink and making a real difference for its members.”