A Quick Look Back..- December 2021

As the end of another busy year approaches, the team here at HIT Energy wanted to make the last newsletter of 2021 a good one, with lots of useful information to take you through to 2022.

Energy prices: Sell your excess from solar to the National Grid up to 12p per kwh!

A shortage of energy means it is a good time to export the excess you generate from solar into the National Grid and we have negotiated export tarrifs up to 12p per kwh exported, please get in touch with us to switch to 12p kwh locked for 12 months!

There has been a worldwide squeeze, partly because of a cold winter in Europe last year depleting reserves, and increased demand from countries such as China. It has pushed the wholesale prices up by 250% and led to a number of suppliers going bust. “In the past, the price for excess solar energy exported to the National Grid has been quite low per Kw/h,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy services. “But with energy prices increasing around the world, this also means what is generated from your Solar PV is more valuable.” New sources of energy, such as from solar, can relieve the pressure on reserves, but also provide a boost to farmers, agricultural firms, companies and landowners that generate it to run their operations. Simon added: “The price paid by the National Grid has traditionally been quite low, but there is a huge need now for energy from different sources. This means any excess you generate is needed and more valuable than ever.”

HIT Energy Services is able to help Solar PV owners by looking at all current export deals available, or reviewing any arrangements you already have in place. Even if you have export limitations set by a distribution network operator, we can revisit the original agreement to make sure you maximise export revenues at the best rate. We can also help with getting an export meter installed, or monitor the amount of energy you send to the National Grid.

Meet the Team

John Keene
New Business Development – South West

John joined the team in November this year and is based in Herford, he deals with new business. John started his career in agriculture working for a seed company selling Cereal, Leys and Potatoes across Worcester and South Warwickshire. After a few years was lucky enough to be offered a job with Norsk Hydro and became their Technical Manager looking after accounts across the Cotswold’s. With a small family and a large mortgage John decided to make a complete career change and went into financial services, with several different roles including being a manager for Nat-West, and a Pensions Manager dealing with Solicitors and Accountants.

After over twenty years John decided he really needed a change and started working with a friend in the domestic solar market. This was in the early years of Solar with high tariffs and high prices. “I really enjoyed Solar and have stayed with it pretty much ever since. A few years back I had the chance to Work with the Country Land & Business Association and spent two years covering a large part of the midlands dealing with their member queries, an I’m really looking forward to combining my solar knowledge and agricultural contacts promoting HIT Energy Services to farmers and Landowners across Herefordshire and the South Midlands.

Away from work, I am married with grown up (well most of the time) children. My wife Liz and I breed Golden Retrievers, which we have done for over forty years. I enjoy working them and Liz competes at shows and also judges them. She has been invited to be the Crufts Breed judge for 2022.

Midland Machinery Show

HIT Energy attended the Midland Machinery Show on the 9th & 10th November at Newark Showground for the second year. The Show is a platform for SME and large agricultural machinery businesses to showcase their products to those who work and have an interest in agriculture so for us it’s a chance to meet old and new customers and Keep the nation solar powered.

Luke's Winter Tip - Storms

By keeping your solar PV fully serviced and checked annually all fixings and connectors are checked and anything requiring attention can be rectified to ensure they are able to withstand high winds, rain and storms.
Ensure all insurances are up to date with enough cover in place in the event of damage.
All that’s left now is for us to thank you for your business in 2021 and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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