Thousands saved thanks to HIT Energy Guard

A farming family in Norfolk invested around £1m of solar PV back in 2011 on the UK’s original tariff – a very lucrative asset.

HIT Energy Guard was installed to monitor the inverter output, technical analysis each hour of production.

Once installed the system identified significant productions issues resulting in thousands of pound of loss revenue.

HBS Farms has being involved with PV since August 2011 with 230kw over three different sites. All three installations have had quite a few problems manly due to the technology being in its infancy. Some inverters have had to be replaced up to 5 times. The first monitoring system we had was on an 15 min real-time inverter basis. 2014 the contract was sold to a different provider who only monitored the sites on a half hourly generation meter reading which was down loaded once a day and therefore not capable of identifying small issues. HIT energy started monitoring 2 of our sites in Jan 2019 we are very pleased with the level of monitoring and alarmed at the amount of issues which have been highlighted. Within a month of monitoring we were losing considerable sums in loss of generation due to several issues.

Will Sands – HBS Farms


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