Supermarket Supplier protected by HIT Energy Guard.

One of HIT Energy Services’ major clients is Branston Potatoes, which supplies the produce sold on the shelves of a number of major supermarkets.

It was set up in 1968 by a group of farmers and grows from a number of sites around the UK.

While potatoes need the sun to grow, HIT Energy Services ensured solar power can also be used to keep the produce fresh before it is sold.

Branston was using a lot of energy to power cold stores, but after installing Solar PV, the company is now generating its own clean, green energy to do this job.

HIT Energy is able to monitor the site and ensure the energy generated is maximised and keeps as many potatoes fresh as possible.

Since HIT Energy have aided the management and monitoring of our solar panels at Branston Potatoes we have been able to introduce regular servicing and improve levels of generation. HIT Energy have always been responsive and helpful with any concerns we have raised. I would recommend utilising their service.

Branston Potatoes

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