Supermarket Supplier protected by HIT Energy Guard..

Branston Potatoes was established in 1968 by a group of farmers throughout the years has grown a reputation around the UK supplying into supermarket chains that we all know well for pre packed and production potatoes.

Branston operate potato sites located all over UK with large energy usage for cold stores, production and solar PV was the perfect solution to cut energy costs.

HIT Energy Guard was installed some months ago protecting the renewable investment of locations advising of any defects of production that could impact on production of the solar PV plant.

Since HIT Energy have aided the management and monitoring of our solar panels at Branston Potatoes we have been able to introduce regular servicing and improve levels of generation. HIT Energy have always been responsive and helpful with any concerns we have raised. I would recommend utilising their service.

Branston Potatoes

Simon Hopkins