Success at Innovation Awards

The fifth Lincolnshire Technology and Innovation Awards 2019, organised by CityX, celebrated the Lincolnshire’s most innovative and creative digital technology companies.

HIT The awards were presented from BBC radio presenter Melvyn Prior held at Lincolnshire Show Ground.

More than 140 entries and 93 finalists awards categories were very competitive and we were delighted to be finalists.

HIT Energy and HIT Energy Guard were amongst the finalists in categories and was awarded High Commended for Innovation in Sustainability.

Later in the night in one of the toughest categories HIT Energy Guard was awarded Innovation product of the year.

With the announcement we were on stage speechless, this is a great achievement and thanks to all our team, suppliers and software developers as with out the hard work and dedication none of this would be possible.


Well done to the team and others that couldn’t make it..a challenging 18 months and we win the toughest category of the night! Well done guys!

Simon Hopkins