Renewables Power Purchase: Get a high price for your excess solar

If you have Solar PV, you can now sell energy you don’t need for up to three times what you would have received in the past.

Through our Renewables Power Purchase, we can review any deal you have in place or find a new one that maximises what you earn from your excess green power.

Why are prices so high?

Some farmers, landowners and businesses  are now receiving far more for exporting excess solar to the National Grid than they were getting only a few months ago.

It is because of a shortage of energy – caused by issues including a cold winter in Europe last year depleting reserves and increased demand from countries such as China.

This has pushed up wholesale prices by 250% and led to some suppliers going bust, with household bills rising rapidly.

How can we help?

Through our work with businesses, farmers, agricultural firms and other owners of Solar PV, we realised they were in a unique position to help out during the current energy crisis.

The price for excess sent to the National Grid per Kw/h has been traditionally quite low, but it has rocketed recently because it is needed more than ever.

Many operations produce more power than they need, and we are able to find the best deal that suits your needs.

What do we do?

The winter is a good time to look at your Solar PV and how it’s faring through the winter months, and our engineers can give it our expert gaze through a free health check.

After we get it generating to 100% of its potential again, we can look at the potential for exporting energy.

This includes looking at all export deals available to you, or reviewing any arrangements you already have in place.

Even if you have export limitations set by a distribution network operator, we can revisit the original agreement to make sure you maximise export revenues at the best rate.

We can also help with getting an export meter installed, or monitor the amount of energy you export.

What happens next?

We have teamed up with one of the leading purchasers of green energy in the U.K. to help you make the most of excess solar you produce.

Our link-up with F&S Energy will see market-leading rates paid for the power you do not use.

The company then sells it to businesses at a rate that beats those offered by traditional suppliers.

Everyone benefits – from the Solar PV owner to the company being powered by cheaper, greener energy.

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