Round-the-clock monitoring – Vision Pro

The next step in the evolution of HIT Energy Guard is ‘Vision Pro’ – This is able to monitor performance readings every hour and calculate how much energy each site should be producing.

In the past, this has only been affordable on large scale operations, where comparisons have been taken across the site, but the Vision Pro can be applied to anywhere using Solar PV on a commercial scale.

So, if you have PV on your land, barn, on your business premises, your home, university or council buildings, the ‘Vision Pro’ can calculate a production plant should be producing per hour at affordable prices.

“Our monitoring platform and panel has been designed and developed by our experienced Solar PV Engineers so any production issues are identified and rectified in good time – our engineers know the fault before they attend site.” Simon Hopkins – Commercial Director.

Sensors on site create a true value of what the sun is producing and can save Solar PV owners thousands of pounds, when, for example, they have only been operating at 80% or even 60% for a number of years.

This is often something asset owners are not even aware of, but the Vision Pro ensures that revenues and energy generated from Solar PV are maximised through constant automated monitoring.

“Vision Pro – Developing invitation into commercial Solar PV”

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