Renewable Carbon Credits

Sell the rights to your solar power

You have heard of celebrities selling their image rights – what about selling the green rights to the solar that you produce? 

It is a very simple way for our customers to make money while helping everyone reduce their carbon footprint and live greener lives. 

This is the latest service we are offering to clients who have our industry-leading, award-winning HIT Energy Guard installed on their systems. 

What happens? 

With the security of having our HIT Energy Guard fitted, our team ensures you maximise what you produce from your system. 

You are then able to use it yourself to power your business or home, or sell the excess that you don’t need. 

Through our latest initiative, a partner company of ours will buy the rights to your energy – paying you for every KWh they purchase. 

This is then turned into carbon credits that help businesses reach their green targets. 

The process is simple – we attach an additional meter to the monitoring technology and it tells us how many kWh are available to sell, and how much potentially these are worth. 

Each KWh produced from your system is paid at 6p and can be paid to you every month!

Why are we doing this?

The UK is aiming to become a net zero country by 2050. 

This means it wants to strike an overall balance between the amount of carbon that is emitted by the country, and the amount that is taken from the atmosphere. 

Businesses must play their part in this and prove they are as green as possible. 

To do this, they must offset their practices that emit pollution or are not so environmentally friendly. 

Switching to solar energy is one way to do this, as are carbon credits. 

How do we help? 

Our HIT Energy Guard has been leading the industry for a number of years, making solar a reliable form of energy for you.  

If production drops, even for a short time, we are alerted and can fix any problem before it starts losing you money. 

This ensures systems are operating at 100% of their potential at all times, and has saved some of you hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month. 

By helping you to generate as much solar as possible, we also want to help you make the most out of it. 

Selling the rights to it could be the best way for you to do this. 

As well as generating more income for you or your business, this also helps others live greener lives and propels the UK towards a carbon neutral future. 

What else do we do?

This is the latest service we offer as we seek to offer Solar PV owners comprehensive help in making the most out of their investment. 

We also offer health checks of systems where we get them up to speed, repowering of sites and full maintenance. 

Through our power purchase, we help you to sell excess solar that you don’t need to the National Grid at the best possible price. 

As a valued customer, get in touch with the team with any queries, as we help you to enjoy a solar-powered future. 

Not an existing customer? 

If you haven’t got the HIT Energy Guard installed, it could revolutionise your solar experience. 

As well as potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of pounds a month, it opens up a whole world of possibilities on what to do with what you produce. 

Fitting it is a simple process, with our team then able to monitor your system and ensure it really is working for you.