Solar PV Health Check

Just like most people need a GP check-up from time to time, so does your Solar PV. 

The technology is the most cost-effective way of generating power and reducing energy bills, with people putting large sums into them. 

But we have had an increasing volume of calls from owners wanting a health check to ensure they are maximising their returns from their investment. 

Some inverters had stopped working, meaning they were generating no power and all revenue was lost.

It is vital once your Solar PV is installed you get it serviced to ensure all components are functioning, with any issues diagnosed quickly.

Our experienced engineers have access to state-of-the-art measurement and communication equipment which enables them to check the IV curve of the panels in addition to carrying out insulation resistance tests of the DC cabling connecting your panel to the inverter.

They can diagnose and solve problems the owner may not have been aware of as well as highlighting issues that may become detrimental to the installation’s efficiency in the future.

Once we have your system back up to speed, we can ensure there is never a problem again, by installing our HIT Energy Guard.

This will monitor it and flag up any issues before they become a big problem.

One of the businesses we have helped is HBS Farms in Norfolk, which installed £1m of solar PV in 2011, but had little monitoring of performance since.

We looked at the output each hour and identified significant production issues that meant what should have been a lucrative asset was not performing as well as it should be, costing the business thousands of pounds a week.
Each panel linked up to our network posts back to our dashboard, meaning we can take action if it is underperforming and also protect it from other issues, such as multiple direct current fires.
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