HIT Energy Guard Licencing

HIT Energy Guard Licencing  

Our multi award-winning HIT Energy Guard has been making solar a reliable form of energy for hundreds of customers across the U.K.

We believe our unique innovation has the ability to revolutionise the industry, and want as many people as possible to gain the benefits of it. 

That is why we are offering licences to electricians who can help us keep up with increasing demand for it  across the country. 

What is the licence?

We have created an exciting opportunity for electrical businesses to become involved in the solar energy industry. 

It is the green, environmentally-friendly power of the present and future, with more and more people tapping into the sun’s potential.

As a licence holder, you will be able to use our platform and work with us as a contractor to help maximise your revenues and profits.

There is currently huge demand in the solar market for our products – so we want to find experienced electricians who understand the importance of marketing and have a strong customer services ethos.

How does it work?

As part of the licence package, we will give you a designated area of the U.K. for you to operate in exclusively. 

Our experienced team will then give you all the support and training you need to establish a thriving business in the solar industry. 

We will always be available to offer assistance, and also training in areas such as ongoing operations, business management, finance, technical and product knowledge, sales and marketing. 

It is all delivered by our in-house experts to ensure you hit the ground running and grow quickly.

What is the product?

The HIT Energy Guard is a multi award-winning diagnostic tool that is attached to Solar PV systems.

Our small team developed it at our Lincolnshire base and we are constantly updating and modifying it to meet the needs of our hundreds of customers.

Some are large businesses or corporations, others small farms, land owners, councils or individuals, generating various amounts of solar energy.

It calculates how the installation is performing and can quickly identify any issues that could lead to a drop in production.

By monitoring the system 24/7, it ensures any problems can be remedied quickly, ensuring it remains a reliable source of solar power.

Why are we offering Iicences?

Over the past decade, we have developed our pioneering products, helping thousands of customers.

These innovations have provided great benefits to our service users as well as a profitable income stream to the business.

We believe our simple and effective model can be easily replicated and are keen to offer licences across the U.K., and eventually Europe.

The goal is to reach more and more people who have solar panels, and together we can achieve this.

Our experienced team can help you on your new and exciting journey every step of the way.

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