G59 Upgrades – ‘Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme’

Due to changes from national grid specification all G59 Relays are required to be upgraded or reprogrammed for installations before February 2018 under the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme.

A G59 relay is a protection device between a generation site and the national grid, the current settings on these devices are too sensitive for the grid, this causes loss of generation issues and in-balances frequency.

With the UK electrical demand relying on more renewable generation plants it is vital these perform supplying the national grid without nuance interruptions.

With current settings on the G59 relays, gaps in generation have caused issues. This has been identified by the national grid and have worked with other agencies to roll out what is called ‘Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme’.

The Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme is taking place across Great Britain (Excluding Northern Ireland) which is being run by both the national Grid and the DNO’s.

This programme has been awarded funding to update the firmware or replace the G59 device, this will relax the RoCoF settings of the device (Rate of change of frequency) reducing the number of outages to a generation plant.

In order to take advantage of the funded programme and stay compliant our team and partners will apply on your behalf, carry out the necessary upgrades without the worry of the asset owner.

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